Who Are We

We at KIKE Tropical Fruits are passionate about creating a lasting impact within our society. Hence, we have made it our top priority to create a business operating model that ensures that our activities trickle down to those who are less fortunate but to us, matter the most.

For us, the small-holder farmers are the heart of our operations and here is where we feel we can make the most difference. Small-holder farmers largely consist of women and young adults and our pledge is to always create an available market for their fruits, Largely because most of their fruits were generally thrown away or left to rot as there was no market availability or a large enough consumption to offtake all of their fruits. And through collaboration with them,  we have managed to build community and improve the lives of our farmers. Not only by creating a market but by also offering farm advisory services e.g training on good agronomic & organic practices.


100% organic pineapple Juice, Puree, Coarse Crush, Fine Crush and Concentrates from Organic Certified Pineapple Farms. Certified by CERES against the EU (EC 834/07 and NOP (USDA) International Organic Standards.